Give Your Home a New Look

Get professional exterior painting services in Georgetown, KY

Painting or faded paint does not make a great first impression for your home or business. In fact, it can have the opposite effect and bring down the value of your property.

Improve the look of your home or business with help from The Lexington Handyman in Georgetown, KY. We provide professional exterior painting services to give your home's exterior a new look.

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A professional alternative to DIY

Don't let your home's exterior fall by the wayside. The Lexington Handyman provides everything you need in exterior painting services, including:

Surface preparation: removing dirt and grime and applying a high-quality primer for a long-lasting finish
Application: using premium outdoor paints to guarantee an even application that can withstand the weather
Sealing/Waterproofing: applying a waterproof seal to keep out moisture and prevent water damage

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